We’re Back!

Well it was a little longer than planned but the new design is live! Check out our store page where you will find our new docks, for this new design we focussed on an easier production process allowing us to reduce the price we sell them for. They are also now fully repairable, if something[…]

Wall Mounts

Hello, So we are off to a great start at VR Mag Docks, the 3d printers are whirring away and we’re dreaming of the future. Today we started a design on a dock that will be wall mountable, its a way off yet as these things take time to design but we wanted to let[…]

Controller Dock – No Logo

As per our last post we received some immidiate feedback on the docks that people would like them without a logo up front. In hindsight this was an obvious omission! We have also update the product page so it’s much easier to understand, there is one product with three options and corresponding images. Let us know[…]