Hey VRMD – Where are the wall docks you promised

So a while ago we said wall docks were ‘coming soon’… so where are they?

Well, they are on the back burner for a bit.

If you read much about 3D printing you may well have seen it described as “An awesome tool for hobbyists and for rapid prototyping”, and this is pretty much spot on. Even with recent improvement to how our docks are made they still take over a day to produce a single set. This is just too slow to sell in any volume, and with costs taken in to account producing one set a day is not a viable way of expanding a business, or putting food on the table!

We can keep adding printers to our arsenal (we currently have two) to increase capacity, but there comes a point where you have to consider production methods that scale more easily.

So to answer the original question – I have put the wall docks on the back burner as our printers are going 24/7 as is fulfilling current demand (and it’s not enough). My time is better spent designing something that will look great and can be produced through injection moulding so I can expand and scale this business. Once this is achieved the wall docks will be back on the agenda!

Dylan – VRMD

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