So we are finally live!

This site has followed on from a project started a few months back when I [Dylan – Site & Company Owner] set out to create a dock that could really show off my Vive controllers.

After a really positive response on Reddit I decided to push forward and develop these great docks to a state where anyone would be happy to have them displayed proudly in their lounge/games room.

Anyone who has used a 3d printer knows how rough the end designs come out. Great for prototyping but disappointing for an end product, especially one that will be on display. I made my initial design available to anyone so they could print it themselves, but in the mean time I honed and modified that design to produce the fantastic end product we have today.

It is still 3d printed and now fully finished by hand. The magnetic wires fully integrate into the design and run out of the back and I have added a solid weight which gives them lovely balance and stops them toppling over.

Lastly I have created a logo design which means you can have whatever you like on the front of the stands, and we will create and finish your logos for you as well, you just have to let us know what you want!

Hopefully in the future I will be able to consult on how to modify this design to produce a product I can manufacture in bulk, but at the moment the limited market for the Vive makes the costs prohibitively expensive.



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